Thank you for choosing EvidenceNuker.

This product will detect and remove details of your computer activity that can be used to view websites you have visited, documents you have opened, videos you have watched, files you have deleted, and much more. EvidenceNuker will scan your computer and allow you to see exactly what activity has been stored on your hard drive and then provides you with the ability to securely delete these traces.

Note: An unregistered version of EvidenceNuker will only detect the traces of activity but will not remove them. For more information about registering your copy of EvidenceNuker please refer to the Registration portion of this help file.



The Main tab is the initial screen that displays whenever EvidenceNuker is opened for the first time.

To Scan

Important! Before starting a scan please close Internet Explorer, Paint, WordPad, and Media Player.



The Results tab is you will find the details of the items detected during the scan of your system including the type and description. The ability to remove or exclude these items is also provided here.


Exclude an Item

To Delete Traces

To delete all traces found during the scan simply click the Delete All button. To delete only some of the traces found during the scan you must select the item(s) in the bottom pane using CTRL+Click or SHIFT+Click and then right-click the item(s) and choose Delete. This will delete only the items you selected.

Once the deletion has begun it may take several minutes to complete depending on the speed of your computer, the number of traces found, and the shredder level you have selected.

Once the deletion has completed a summary of the deletion results will be displayed.

Understanding the Deletion Summary

The deletion summary may include the following text.
"Due to the operating system limitations some items will be completely deleted on the next reboot." This refers to traces that your Operating System caches in memory and cannot be fully deleted until the Operating System is restarted. This includes Run History and other items.
"Some items could not be removed. Please start your computer in Safe Mode and try again." This refers to items that are currently in use or otherwise locked and not physically able to be deleted. The most common reason for this message is temporary files that the Operating System or other software creates and maintains. You can see the files that were not removable by performing another scan. You can restart your computer in Safe Mode by pressing F8 or CTRL just before any Windows screens are displayed during a reboot.


The Exclude List provides you with the ability to control which items will not be removed from your computer. Items you may want to exclude are cookies for websites you visit regularly such as online forums that rely on cookies to retain your forum preferences.


Options provide controls over the scan schedule, shredder level, update, and other common functions.



To assist with automatically removing traces a daily scan is automatically scheduled. Options to disable or modify this automatic scan are also provided.

Exit options
Controls what happens when you close EvidenceNuker.

Auto Update

Included is the ability for the application to check for, download, and install both application and definition file updates automatically. Control over the update functionality is provided here.



By selecting the shredding level you can choose how thorough the data will be erased. The higher you go the harder it is for specialists to recover the deleted data.
Note: It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that Level 2 or higher be enabled.



Specific details about the product are provided here such as the program version and registration status.


An unregistered version of EvidenceNuker will only detect the traces of activity but will not remove them. Registration removes this restriction and allows full use of the product.